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Diagnosis of Heat Pump Gas Leakage


Air Source Heat Pump

Refrigerant, also known as gas, plays the role of heat absorption and transfer of heat in the Air Source Heat Pump system.

After a long period of use, users may encounter some common problems with the heat pump, such as, obviously observing the machine takes longer time to produce hot water, or runs longer time to maintain the temperature constant, etc.

There is great possibility that refrigerant leakage happens and it decreases the efficiency of machine. Just please self-diagnose it by simple steps as below:

1. Feeling the temperature of exhaust air
Normally, after running for 15 minutes, the exhaust air should be 8 -10 °C lower than ambient temperature. If the temperature difference is larger than 11 °C, the refrigerant might be insufficient.

2. Observing the drainage hole of the machine

There is usually condensing water coming out from the drainage hole after running 30 minutes. Otherwise, great possibility that the machine is lack of refrigerant.

3. Observing the finned heat exchanger

Under normal circumstances, when the ambient temperature is above 7 °C, the finned heat exchanger will have condensation water, but not frost; if there is unreasonable frosting (part of the finned heat exchanger has frost on it, part of it not) , there may be insufficient refrigerant;

4. Observing the heating time of the machines

Under normal circumstances, the water temperature rises up 1 °C for heating 3-4 minutes (the heating time might vary subject to the water tank volume, here we take 150L volume for example) , if the heating time difference is too large, it may be insufficient refrigerant;

5. Observing the connection of refrigerant valve

Normally, there will be no lubricating oil at the valve connection. If there is, it is possible to be caused by refrigerant leakage;

6. Observing whether the wired controller of the machine has reported low-pressure protection failure

If yes, great possibility that the refrigerant leakage causes low pressure in the gas-circulating system.

When the refrigerant leakage is diagnosed, just contact the professionals to check and refill the gas.

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